Art in the Park

Art in the Park is an annual celebration of arts and culture which takes place in Memorial Park each June. This event provides an opportunity for our community to come together to appreciate and participate in the regional art scene and offers a platform for artists to share their passion and creativity directly with the public.

Due to the current circumstances, Art in the Park is unable to run in its traditional form this year. However, when one door closes, another opens. Our passion for this event and what it represents led us to create Artist Showcase which will bring Art in the Park into your home! The Showcase features a sampling of the artists you would have seen at the physical event with the added bonus of providing a platform for us to share additional information. Through this format, you’ll learn about the artists and their work and have access to their websites where you can discover more and connect with them directly.

Thank you for your support of arts & culture. We hope you enjoy Artist Showcase.

Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Special Events Team,
Julia, Sarah and India

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