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We’d like to hear from the community! The blog is a platform for people to come together and write about a bird sighting. Whether you are new to birding or have been a birder for many years, we’d love to hear your thoughts and what birds you have seen recently.

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  • India Burchell
    July 24, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Although the hot summer months mean that many birds shelter in the shade, I was able to locate a bird yesterday evening, one that I’ve never seen before. I had walked around a pond and forest area and didn’t spot anything, although I could hear birds in the bushes. I spotted this bird in a tree near to someone’s front yard. It didn’t hang around for very long but it did allow me to snap a photo.
    The Merlin Bird App identifies it as a Male House Finch. Interestingly it shows that it is uncommon in my area, Durham Region. They are native to the Southwest and are recent arrivals in the East. In Winter, the House Finches begin to form pairs and some pairs stay together all year. They mostly feed on seeds, buds and berries.
    Lookout for this bird in your backyard because they will come to feeders for seeds – mostly sunflower seeds or to hummingbird feeders for sugar-water. Early morning or late in the afternoon and early evening, when the sunlight is softer, is a great time to go birding. I recommend walking around your neighborhood to see what birds you can spot.
    Have you seen a House Finch or another bird recently?

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