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Musselman’s Lake

The community of Musselman’s Lake is named after the Musselman family who bought land surrounding the kettle lake in 1807. Peter and Jacob Musselman came from Pennsylvania and settled on the west side of the lake. The lake is situated between Highway 48 and Ninth Line and the Bloomington and Aurora Roads. A log schoolhouse was built in 1848 and was also used for church services on Sundays. In the mid 19th century, the lake provided the power for a steam driven sawmill owned by Charles Appleton. The area was such a popular summer resort during the late 19th century up to the 1950s that so many services, including Sunday worship and the post office (1933-1969) were seasonal. Cedar Beach Park, on the north side of the lake, became an entertainment hot spot when George Davies Sr. built a pavilion there in 1929. Glendale Beach, on the south side, was home to one of the largest dance halls in the county until it came down in 1990.