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Originally known as “Brookvale,” the community situated at Vandorf Sideroad and Woodbine Avenue had to be renamed in 1887 when the post office was opened and it was discovered that the name Brookvale was already in use. Vandorf, a compilation of “Van” for the Van Nostrands who operated a prosperous sawmill in the area, and “dorf” which means “village” was chosen. A woodworking shop, blacksmith shop, general store and school were also located in the hamlet by this time. In 1905, the James Bay Railway, now part of Canadian National Railways, was constructed through the area. The Vandorf railway station had an agent-telegrapher for many years before it closed and was demolished in 1967. A post office was opened here in 1887 and was closed in 1931. The Vandorf Public School, constructed in 1870, is now part of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum.