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Weekly Specials

Willowgrove is now offering Camp@Home: a unique camp experience that allows for children and youth to have personal, genuine camp connections online.

Campers are provided with a daily schedule which they access by logging in alongside their peers for 3 hours of engaging programming and social connection. Campers then navigate a map of their digital camp, deciding if they want to participate in interactive camp-wide activities, or small group, pre-recorded skill-based sessions. Twice a day the campers break off into small, age-specific groups that function as their online cabins. These groups remain consistent all week long so that campers have the opportunity to meet new friends, build confidence, and develop meaningful relationships outside their usual circles - all under the supervision of an experienced counsellor. Through live video streaming, counsellors are present to lead discussions in cabin check-ins, offer mentor-ship, and cheer on campers during activities.

VIDEO LINK to describe program: https://youtu.be/xoqmUv0xmvE

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