Photo Credit: India B.

How to start birding

Birding is a very popular activity, with 47 million birders in the United States alone. Whether you are a serious birder, or a novice birder, give it a try!

Where to see Birds around Stouffville

There are many amazing locations for birding both local to Stouffville and a short drive away.

Top Birds To look out for

There are many different species of birds whose habitat is in York Region. Maybe you have a favorite bird already, a bird you would love to see or don’t know where to start.

Learn more about Birding

There are many great websites to learn more about birds in Canada as well as North America. You can identify a species from a photo using the Merlin bird app or read fun facts about a specific bird species on Audubon. The possibilities are endless.


We’d like to hear from the community! The blog is a platform for people to come together and write about a bird sighting. Whether you are new to birding or have been a birder for many years, we’d love to hear your thoughts and what birds you have seen recently.